5 Reasons You Should Clean Your Room Already!

You there, sitting with socks littering the floor like it was a competition. We know you, you know us. We’re the clean police. Now why would a company that makes money cleaning dirty rooms write this? No idea. Dentists give out candy to children as treats even if they rot their teeth. We give out tips to.. adult children that potentially takes away clients?!

Doesn’t make sense, but we’ll never change. Get it – that joke. Change/currency? I tried…….

Okay without further adieu lets get to this freaking list of why you should CLEAN YOUR ROOM!1

1.You are attracted to members of the opposite or same sex.

Yes – it’s quite crazy once the realization hits you. That .. potential mates might judge you off your room and it’s cleanliness. Well I’m here to tell you that it happens. How many of you have seen a really attractive person posting on Instagram and found a sock on their floor in the background? Then you convince yourselves that because of this ONE FLAW – that you don’t need them in your life anyways.

So, listen here straight from the source.. if you want people to push you from a 6 to an 8 on the lookism scale – just have a clean room.

2. Your mom is going to hit you with the chancla

Did I have to google chancla and how to spell it before I typed that title? Yes. But we all know the wrath of mothers and I’m just trying to warn you. Although mine didn’t use a chancla and didn’t care if my room was clean.. she just… wanted to hit me?

Damn – that’s depressing. But your life won’t be and your relationship with your mother will be ten times better if you clean that room!

3. You want to avoid smells

That pile of laundry you have over there.. did it move a little over night? Is it becoming alive? We’re not sure but we know Frankenstein wasn’t a friendly sight and if you want to avoid creating a biological smelly mess in your room then clean that up!

Move that tush and put it in the laundry basket.

4. You want to imagine your life is from a magazine

Have you ever seen a dirty room in one of those magazines with nice cabins in the woods and stuff? Me either! This must be the secret – people who have big homes are clean. Or do they hire cleaning people?

Or was it just staged for the magazine photo? Hmmmm………. by the way if you want to have a clean home give us a call(if you live in Arizona) and we’ll clean your home! For not free! Rather expensive actually. But in a good way. For us? and you??!

5. You want your animal to respect you more

Do you happen to own a cat? If you do then you’re already aware that it’s continuously judging you. Whispering things behind your back in subtle meows. So you have to be on top of your game to keep your feline friend in adoration.

Own a beta fish? Do you know how bored they are just swimming around in their square box that you convinced yourself is an adequate “habitat”? They’re up to no good. As for dogs, I’m pretty sure they’d be happy with anything so you don’t really have to worry about those.

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